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I tell her every time I leave after a service…”Sha you are truly a magician!”

I come from NJ just to see her because there truly aren’t enough artists who do it like her! Or who care the way she does, or as passionate as she is about her work. She truly treats my face a blank canvas of artwork each time I go in instead of just another page in a text book. She not only listens to me, but she listens to MY SKIN and what it’s asking for. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. & she educates me on everything she’s doing.. and on everything I need to remove, keep, add or change in my skin care routines.
She keeps it light, fun and welcoming too, I honestly feel like I’m going to hang out with one of my friends every time I go in.

Sha you are a rockstar, one in a million and me and my skin truly truly appreciate you, your dedication and your work.

Lianna M.

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