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ISOV Blue Energy HD Serum

Blue Energy HD Serum: Skin inflammation Solution.

For troubled, sensitive and reactive skin for quick relief. Suppresses inflammatory cells, promotes regeneration and helps maintain skins moisture & oil balance in skin.

° Phyto Exosomes -A plant based stem cell exosome component that inhibits inflammation & cell damage.

° Copper Tri- Peptide - A growth factor Copper peptides are well known in the skincare world with decades of data as a skin-restoring ingredient. They improve skin including firmness, smoothness, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, by promoting collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycan (think HAs) and improved antioxidant activitity

°Ceramics NP - ceramide NP can help improve the look and feel of dry or dehydrated skin thanks to its water retention properties. Ceramide NP has also been shown to reinforce skin's barrier strength to better resist external stressors.


50 ml

ISOV Blue Energy HD Serum

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