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This premier kit contains azulene oil, hyaluronic acid and 8 kinds of amino acids which help improve moisture to sensitive and troubled skin, forms a protective barrier on the skin and soothes skin.


Kit contains:

  • Skin Hydration Azulene Toner 15ml

  • Skin Hydration Azulene Emulsion 15ml

  • Azulene Care 15ml

  • Hyaluron 7 Serum 80ml

  • Azulene Care Cream Mask 7.5ml x 2 each


Applicable for all skin types especially dry,dull, sensitive skin
Barrier protection


After cleansing the skin, apply Azulene Care Cream Mask evenly to the face and rinse after 15 minutes. (Azulene Care Cream Mask is used once a week for extremely dry and sensitive skin.)
Dampen the skin with Skin Hydration Azulene Toner with a cotton pad and apply it according to the skin texture.
Apply proper amount of Azulene Care Oil and Hyaluron 7 Serum evenly on the face for absorption.
Lastly, apply Skin Hydration Azulene Emulsion evenly on the face for absorption.

ISOV Azulene Care Kit

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