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The Integration of Professional Korean Skincare at Shaestheticsss

Korean skincare, hailed as the gold standard in the beauty world

and now offered at Shaestheticsss!

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Professional Korean skincare treatments are an evolution of Korea's revered beauty rituals, meticulously adapted for the treatment room. Embracing the nation's philosophy of prevention and maintenance, these bespoke services employ cutting-edge technology and potent ingredients to achieve skin that doesn't just glow but thrives!

The birth of professional Korean skincare treatments sprang from a culture that venerates pristine skin as a sign of health and diligence. It's not just about the absence of imperfections; it's about the skin's vitality. In Korea, professional treatments are a regular indulgence, not reserved for special occasions but integrated into regular self-care regimens.

"Bespoke" in skincare means custom-made products or routines tailored to an individual's specific skin needs and concerns. This approach emphasizes personalization to ensure maximum effectiveness and suitability for one's unique skin type and issues.

K-Beauty Treatments

Shaestheticsss, inspired by the transformative power of K-beauty, has brought this ethos to its heart through a partnership with the esteemed

Professional and Licensed Esthetician Only K-beauty brands: Corthe, ISOV, KrX, sMTS & StoryDerm.

These collaborations have allowed Shaestheticsss to infuse its treatments with innovative ingredients like: Spicules, which offer natural exfoliation similar to micro needling, Plant Enzymes that gently dissolve dead skin cells & Peptides, a cornerstone of anti-aging, are all used to signal skin to produce more collagen, thus reviving its youthful elasticity!

The adoption of Corthe, ISOV, KrX, sMTS & StoryDerm's pioneering formulas are a testament to Shaestheticsss's commitment to delivering not just treatments but experiences that are at the forefront of skincare science.

Clients are not only pampered but are also provided with a sanctuary where skin is understood and nurtured with the most efficacious and soul-soothing ingredients. It's a fusion of science and the art of self-care, a place where every treatment is a step toward lasting beauty and wellness.

Shaestheticsss is excited to extend an exclusive invitation to a select number of clients for a discounted facial series.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the future of skincare—where tradition meets innovation and where every session is a step toward enduring beauty and wellness. It's more than a facial; it's a journey to the pinnacle of personal care, guided by a team passionate about every detail of your skin's health.

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