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Full Body Lymphatic Compression suit

(usually $75) Aids in slimming, detoxifying, blood circulation, `and more

  • 35 minutes
  • 50 US dollars
  • West Patrick Street

Service Description

Lymphatic Compression Massage also known as “Pressotherapy” and “Pneumatic Compression Therapy” is a mechanical form of Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) Benefits of Lymphatic Compression: -Body Slimming -Immune stimulation -Helps fight off infection -Cellular rejuvenation -Promotes healing -Improves circulation -Detoxifying -Calms nervous system -Improves skin tone -Strengthens connective tissue Starting at your feet or hands, the suit inflates intermittently to mimic natural blood flow. These repeated intervals not only stimulate blood flow but also stimulate the lymphatic system and encourage lymphatic drainage. Through these techniques, waste and toxins are suspended in the body and eliminated through the body’s natural waste systems including sweating. This is why we strongly encourage all users to follow lymphatic treatments with an infrared sauna session. This is an extremely effective way to detox your body. The benefits of detoxing cannot be overstated. CONTRAINDICATION FOR LYMPHATIC COMPRESSION: Read and follow all instructions and warnings prior to using this equipment. Please consult a physician or physical therapist before using any pneumatic compression device or if you suffer from any of the conditions listed below. • Prone to bleeding or taking any blood thinners • Prone to or bruises easily • Surgical implants • Pregnancy • Acute Thrombosis • Serious Cardiovascular Disease • Pacemaker and Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator • Recent Wounds from an Operation or Surgery • Artificial Joints • Recently Placed IUD’s, Metal Pins, or Plates • Acute Hernia, Discopathy, or Spondylosis • Type I Diabetes • Severe Migraines • Tumors (cancerous) • Poor Somatosensory Receptor on Feet Planar Surfaces • Severe peripheral vascular disease • When an increase of fluid to the heart is detrimental • Severe heart failure or pulmonary edema • Known or suspected DVT or PE within 6 months • Immobilized for > 72 hours without DVT prophylaxis • Post-operative vein ligation • Deformity of the limb • Recent skin graft • Dermatitis

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are Non-refundable. Please cancel at least 48 hours in advance otherwise you will forfeit your deposit and be required to pay another deposit. Permanent Makeup services require a $50 Non-refundable deposit that will not be refunded unless the appointment is canceled at least 2 weeks in advance as we book these sessions a month in advance and they often are not able to be filled. Tardiness is not tolerated beyond the 8 min grace period. If you are later than 8 minutes your appt may be canceled/rescheduled and your deposit will be forfeited. By booking with Shaestheticsss you agree to adhere to our policies, thank you for understanding! We are a small business and myself and my employees only get paid when you show up thank you!

Contact Details

  • 11 West Patrick Street, Frederick, MD, USA


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